Available Parameters

title: Title of this shortcode
category: Product category slug name
numbers: Numbers of products to show
columns: Numbers of columns per row
orderby: ID, title, date (default), modified, rand, comment_count, menu_order
order: ASC, DESC (default)
image_width: default = Catalog Images width in WooCommerce Settings
image_height: default = Catalog Images height in WooCommerce Settings
image_crop: yes / no, default = Catalog Images hard crop in WooCommerce Settings
product_saleflash: yes (default) / no : Show product sale flash
product_title: yes (default) / no : Show product title
product_price: yes (default) / no : Show product price
product_button: yes / no (default) : Show add to cart button

Example 1

return three products from Clothing category (with “clothing” slug)

[prima_products_in_category title="Clothing" category="clothing" numbers="3" columns="3"]

[prima_products_in_category title=”Clothing” category=”clothing” numbers=”3″ columns=”3″]

Example 2

return three products from Accessories category (with “accessories” slug) in alphabetic order

[prima_products_in_category title="Accessories" category="accessories" numbers="3" columns="3" orderby="title" order="asc"]

[prima_products_in_category title=”Accessories” category=”accessories” numbers=”3″ columns=”3″ orderby=”title” order=”asc”]

Example 3

return three products from Electronics category (with “electronics” slug) in random order

[prima_products_in_category title="Electronics" category="electronics" numbers="3" columns="3" orderby="rand"]

[prima_products_in_category title=”Electronics” category=”electronics” numbers=”3″ columns=”3″ orderby=”rand”]