• Introduction
  • Why you may enjoy?
  • How the process works?
  • What Next?
If you would like to design for GATTOLA, please read the follows:

We are seeking product designers from around the globe who wish to bring their product visions to life. Our company is open to any and all ideas but to help provide a starting point for designers we list the below products that we would like to develop in the future. If you share the same mission as us, please go ahead to tell us more about your design! We’d love to know that.

“The best design seeks to solve simple problems in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
At Gattola we like to promote our philosophy of giving joy.
Combining aesthetics & function is always the challenge of a designer but making it fun and joyful is our extra initiative.“

Why you may enjoy designing for GATTOLA …

1. We enjoy collaboration with designers all over the world with respect to designer’s contribution and efforts. Our in-house staff will support the product development process.

2. We’re very visible around the world – your name will be shown at your product page if it is being selected.

3. We pay a fair royalty and would like to build a long term relationship with the designers for a happy process and outcome.

4. Your designed products may have a chance to display in the worldwide exhibitions to increase the exposure and sell to our distributors and retailers all over the world.

How the process works?

1. Initial design ideas and conceptualization: This can be sketches, web links, photos, 3d models, non working prototypes, adobe photoshop or illustrator graphics and email to howdy@gattola.com.

2. Review and feedback: From the original designs we will consult with our in house team and provide you with feedback about your design including if we wish to take the project forward to production. As you can understand we know many of the existing products in the gift marketplace and have to compare in order to avoid any copyright infringements.

3: Negotiation: If we are interested to produce and think the design is practical and marketable, we’ll negotiate a royalty with you in good faith that has a specific term, a royalty rate, an advance, or often a guaranteed amount. Fair contracts are negotiated and be assured that your name will always accompany your design. We don’t want to steal your credit.

4. Production: We go ahead with the product development and marketing process. From here we invite you to be as involved in the product production as you would like.

5. Sales Commission: After your design products are launched to the market and if our customers liked it and placed order, a certain proportion of sales commission will be assigned to you upon our negotiation.


GATTOLA products are popular in the exhibitions, grab this chance to show your talent !

What Next?

Please send your product suggestions, descriptions, drawings, whatever, to us, howdy@gattola.com. We will confirm receipt and give you our most helpful feedback. Thanks.