About Distributor

Q: How to become exclusive/ sole distributor?


Yes! You can be exclusive distributor and please check the details below :



Q: Will you provide any catalog?

Answer :

Yes, the greenest catalog is an online catalog. You can view online or download in the following link :

white-label-catalogue-cover View Online | Download (3 MB) 


About Our Products

Q: Where can I find the product details?


Full products details and hi-photos, you can visit below page :



Q:Where can I find the Hi-Res Photos?


Full products details and high resolution photos, you can visit below page :



Q: What is MOQ?


Minimum order quantity, usually 1000 pcs. If you want to have the quantity lower than the MOQ, please contact us for further information at gasales@gattola.com .


About Sample

Q: Can I get a sample?


We are pleased to provide 1pcs of sample to you. Please provide your courier account such as Fedex, DHL, TNT …etc. We try our best to ship the sample with your expected color if it is available. Otherwise, we can only provide the available stock. For any extra sample, it costs US10 per each.


Please provide the following details:

Company Name:


Contact Person:

Contact Number:

Send these information to us at gasales@gattola.com and we will handle the delivery next. Thank you.

Q: How long can I get the sample?


Usually our sample lead time will be approximately 7-10 working days.

Q: Can I have all your samples?

Answer: Yes. We have a fixed package of 8 kinds of our products. You can simply buy our sample kit.

Sample Kit



yellow_green_snapcup SnapCup x 1pc

ccl_yellow Coffee Cup Lamp x 1pc

paint-mug-pink-sku Paint Mug Tall x 1pc

paint-mug-black-sku-m Paint Mug Medium x 1pc

 ECO Memome x 1pc

3750-cube-mug-orange Cube Mug x 1pc

3750-cube-mug-green Cube Mug mini x 1pc

cup-lamp-city-sku Cup Lamp x 1pc

Sample Kit Order

Click Here to Buy.

Remark : Each sample pack will contain random color samples. Some sample will come with Logo Imprint for custom logo demonstration.


About Quotation & Order

Q: How can I make a quotation?

Simply state the items you want to order, the quantity you need and any other requirements. (packaging, printing etc.)
Email us at gasales@gattola.com

Q: What is the progress to place an order?


1. To officially place the order, We would need 50% non-refundable deposit for order confirmation.

2. When the payment is confirmed, we will proceed to sample making. It takes approx. 7-10 working days.

3. We will send you pictures for approval. Upon your approval, we will move to mass production. The production time takes approx. 20 – 30 working days (after sample confirmation).


Q: How long can I get my products?

Usually our production lead time will be approximately 20-30 working days (after sample confirmation)

Oversea orders shipment may be subject to customs import tax & duties, VAT or GST which are paid by the buyer.

We are not responsible and liable for any loss, damages or delays during delivery process.

 Q: Can I order a small quantity of your products?


Yes! If you want to test the feedback of your clients towards our products before having a large stock, we provide you a Trial Order Pack! The products included are fixed.

Trial Order



yellow_green_snapcup SnapCup x 10 pcs

ccl_yellow Coffee Cup Lamp x 10 pcs

paint-mug-pink-sku Paint Mug Tall x 6 pcs

paint-mug-black-sku-m Paint Mug Medium x 6 pcs

 ECO Memome x 12 pcs

3750-cube-mug-orange Cube Mug x 6 pc

3750-cube-mug-green Cube Mug mini x 6 pcs

cup-lamp-city-sku Cup Lamp x 6 pcs

Trial Order

Click Here to Buy.

Remark : Trial Order pack assorts with random colors.


About Color

Q: What color code should I provide to you for printing our graphics and logo?


For silkscreen printing, such as the print on the body of soveniers, please provide the Pantone color code to us.

Q: Why some products may have color deviation after printing?


The product materials – even if we use the same colour formula, the colours would still look a bit different on different materials.

Please also understand that there would not be 100% match with pantone colour and printed color (~10-15% deviation). However, we will try our very best to minimize it based our experience.

Q: Is there any color limitation on Packaging?


If you are using the white box to package, the logo should be any color instead of white.


About Product Details

Q: Will the silicone lid of Paint Mug become sticky after a period of time?


We have good quality silicone lid. We advise users to put it under dry and clean places so that the quality of the paint mug can be maintained

Q: How should I wash and keep my Snap Cup?


As with most things, the more care you take washing your cups, the longer they will last.
You can rinse Snap Cup by gently rubbing it with a paste of bicarbonate soda with lemon and rinsing thoroughly.
Please ensure the Snap Cup is kept dry and stored with the lid off to avoid any unwanted smells developing.

Q: Is Snap Cup leak-proof?


The design of Snap Cup is for drinking water as a cup. There’s a silicone body band around the middle for grip and heat protection, and a leak-proof lid that doesn’t drip when you drink. It also prevent dust falling on the liquid inside. Our selling point is a colorful cup which can be customized with different colors and your logo on it. Snap cup is a cup, not a bottle. Please understand a cup cannot be 100% leak-proof and we do not expect customers to shake the cup or put the cup upside down.

Q: Can I customize the shape of silicone lid or EcoMemoMe?


Yes, the MOQ will be 3000 because the cost for making a new template for silicone is quite expensive.


Further Inquires

Email Us

For further inquires, please feel free to contact us at gasales@gattola.com