Sample Kit



yellow_green_snapcup SnapCup x 1pc

ccl_yellow Coffee Cup Lamp x 1pc

paint-mug-pink-sku Paint Mug Tall x 1pc

paint-mug-black-sku-m Paint Mug Medium x 1pc

 ECO Memome x 1pc

3750-cube-mug-orange Cube Mug x 1pc

3750-cube-mug-green Cube Mug mini x 1pc

cup-lamp-city-sku Cup Lamp x 1pc

Sample Kit Order

Remark : Each sample pack will contain random color samples. Some sample will come with Logo Imprint for custom logo demonstration.

Trial Order



yellow_green_snapcup SnapCup x 10 pcs

ccl_yellow Coffee Cup Lamp x 10 pcs

paint-mug-pink-sku Paint Mug Tall x 6 pcs

paint-mug-black-sku-m Paint Mug Medium x 6 pcs

 ECO Memome x 12 pcs

3750-cube-mug-orange Cube Mug x 6 pc

3750-cube-mug-green Cube Mug mini x 6 pcs

cup-lamp-city-sku Cup Lamp x 6 pcs

Trial Order

Remark : Trial Order pack assorts with random colors.