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Technical Specifications

Materials Ceramic
Capacity 450 ml
Colors Brown / Green / Pink

Size and Weight

Diameter 13 cm
Height 8.5 cm



The design of its ceramic lid applies a wave-design concept to create an illusion from users’ eyes, which looks like a hot beverage is already filled inside the mug. Its playful design concept can enhance the visual effect of users and draw attention.

3 Colors Available

The lid is designed in three colors – green, brown and pink. The green dessert mug creates an illusion of having a green tea inside the mug, whilst the brown and pink are chocolate and milk shake beverage.

Large Volume

With a large volume design, it facilitates home users and office users to make a hot drink or soup.

3-in-1 Lid Design

The lid design can act as a lid to keep the beverage warm ; or as a coaster to keep the liquid away from the desktop ; or as a plate to place your tea snacks inside such as biscuits or cakes.


Kevin Ho @ Kinbroad Limited

From a very young age Kevin has maintained a high passion in design, and for more than a decade now has been cultivating that passion with experience and expertise, in the product design industry, advertising & marketing, photography and entrepreneurship.