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Technical Specifications

HS Code 8509.80-9000
Materials ABS/PC/PE
Lamp CCFL (Ultra VioletRay+Ozone)
Lamp life 20,000hrs
Power source DC (5v)USB Cable
Operating Lamp -20 ~ 60 degrees F
Country of origin Korea

Size and Weight

Dimension 55 x 55 x 73 mm
Weight 0.09kg


Item in packaging
Dimension 58 x 75 x 94 mm
Weight 0.13kg

Shipping Cartons

Qty/Ctn 60 pcs/ctn
Weight G.W.: 8.53 kg, N.W.: 7.8 kg
Dimension 55cm x 29cm x 24cm
Volume 0.03828cbm


Quantity per container
20′ container 42,600 pcs


We have this pot plant-like design because we have noticed that people are getting more and more consious of dental health.

PotPlantilizer thus helps toothbrush maintain hygienic condition all the time by powerful germicidal action of removing 25 thousand bacteria including salmonella, E.coli and staphylococcus using UV and Ozone.



Toothbrush holder
Toothbrush is directed towards lamp, assuring outstanding sterilizing power than any other toothbrush sterilizers.

Leaf-like handle
To ensure the UV ray precisely scan the toothbrush thoroughly, a leaf-like holder is desgined to keep the toothbrush in position.

Dust cover
A dust cover is provided, and the leaf holder and the white-coloured tray inside is detachable for easy cleaning.

USB cable
Use USB cable for convenient recharge.

Selection of colour
Consumers can choose their favourite colour and make their bathroom a lot more colourful.

It is an important feature for bathroom product.

Raising awareness of dental health
Toothbrush cleaniness and maintenance is also essential for good dental health.

Available colours:
Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green